Márcio Atherino


Brazilian, carioca, 1957. Education in economics with a Master's degree at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. University professor in his field, working in the financial market. After 1997 he started to dedicate himself entirely to the arts. He took courses at Parque Lage in addition to others, such as the intensive at Charles Watson's studio. He participated in some salons, always receiving medals for his works.

He participated in several exhibitions, both individual and collective.

Its main gallery was the extinct Haus Arte Contemporânea. He is currently part of the group of artists from Project Z42, where he also occupies a permanent space for the exhibition and sale of his works.


"To enter Marcio Atherino's atelier is to win a passport to the world of art in his eyes and blood. Owner of an expressive voracity typical of the creatives, without being attached to a single type of technique or stage, transports us in the virility of his gestures. for a universe of colors, looks, criticisms of the history of urban humanity.

We know the condition of contemporary urban man through his work; we know the discomfort of knowing how to live alive in pollution, among loves, bandits, rats and splendid Rio landscapes. Each canvas is a confrontation, an interpretation of the fact, a personal vision that is simultaneously universal, because, as Carl Rogers says, the most particular is also the most general. In one, black, red and dark blue. In the calligraphy that occupies the canvas, transforming the space into graphics, it refers to the graffiti on walls and, simultaneously, to the mirror.

In another, as in a dive, we cross the ocean layers of brush strokes and find a deconstructed face like us humans, who are starting over with every child that is born, at every time of life without ever having solved the fundamental questions of existence, yet needing lessons on how to breathe and what to eat.

What moves or revolts you in the news, or in your daily life in Rio is put on the screen with the strength and enthusiasm of your personality, of a person linked to socio-existential issues. Art in every sense of the word. Expressionist? Certainly, but it transcends style definition labels. It's life? So it's Marcio Atherino's art. "

Angela Carneiro / curator


Cláudio Gabriel