Jorge Barata


Jorge Barata was born on March 30, 1959. Painter and sculptor, he has been standing out in the contemporary art circuit of Rio de Janeiro as an exponent of neo-expressionism. Jorge has a unique creative process, where the vitality of the line, combined with strong colors makes the viewer come across a work full of emotions, already featured in private collections and cultural foundations.


“Strange faces of unreal figures seem to pose forever for a portrait, an imaginary photo. Such faces, however, could only have been imagined and produced through painting. This manual media is the only reality - a reality embodied by the paint and the painter's gesture - perhaps, for this reason, it overflows the usual field of electronic record images, surprising the viewer. Even so, these characters seem contemporary to dialogue with the noise of the metropolises and with the music that comes from blues to hip hop.

To show these works is to continue the work flows of the artist, who strips his unconscious through a free and pulsating language. It is, therefore, a strong, expressive work practiced since the beginning of expressionism in the beginning of the 20th century, until today. ”

Ivan Pascarelli / curator